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Bite Fight (2016) Trailer

Bite Fight (2016) English Sub

My Boyfriend Is A Bloodsucker, Sunset Night Legend , Twilight Night Legend ,暮夜传说之嗜血男宠

Country: Chinese

Genres: Action, BL, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Vampire

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Movie plot

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Bite Fight (2016)

Sinopsis Bite Fight (2016)

Other name: 暮夜传说之嗜血男宠 Twilight Night Legend Sunset Night Legend My Boyfriend Is A Bloodsucker


After being in an intense bar fight, Ai Fei gets bitten by Thomas, a vampire, to save his life. Ai Fei is then confined in Thomas' home as he will slowly start to turn into a vampire over the next 3 months. While Thomas goes on the search for the 'Vampire Bible', so he is able to obtain a power to fix something that happened in the past. Unfortunately, he has to avoid demon hunters. At first, Ai Fei wanted to leave Thomas' house. But over time they start to feel something for each other. But will Ai Fei be able to cope if he finds out what Thomas did in the past?

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Action; BL; Fantasy; Mystery; Romance; Supernatural; Vampire;

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