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Saigo no Yakusoku

Saigo no Yakusoku English Sub

The Last Promise, 最後の約束,

Country: Japanese

Genres: Fantasy, Suspense

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Movie plot

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Saigo no Yakusoku

Sinopsis Saigo no Yakusoku

Other name: The Last Promise, 最後の約束,


Janitors Satoru Mashiko (Satoshi Ohno) and Haruo Iio (Kazuki Kosakai) are driving towards Energy Bio Corporation for work when motorcycle courier Nozomu Gotō (Jun Matsumoto) passes by them. Gotō goes to deliver a package to Yuriko Niimi (Meisa Kuroki), the daughter of the president of Energy Bio Corporation. Meanwhile, Fuyuko Todoroki (Nene Otsuka) orders a cappuccino from coffee shop employee Akira Tanada (Masaki Aiba). They talk before she has to leave to meet with insurance salesman Yukio Tomizawa (Sho Sakurai) downstairs. As Mashiko and Iio start cleaning, Tanada apologizes for giving security center employee Shūji Yamagiwa (Kazunari Ninomiya) and new security manager Shinichirō Okanaka (Naohito Fujiki) the wrong order. At 3:00 p.m., a disguised man with a rifle informs everyone that he and his allies have hijacked the building and set up a bomb that will go off in ninety minutes should President Niimi (Masahiko Tsugawa) not arrive with the ransom. Before she is locked in with Tomizawa, Fuyuko and the rest of the hostages in the fifth floor lobby, Yuriko runs off with Gotō running after her. At the police station, Niimi and chief detective Genji Morozumi (Yukiya Kitamura) keep in contact with a hiding Tanada...

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 0

Genre: Fantasy; Suspense;

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